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Shandong Tiexiong Metallurgical Technology Co., Ltd.


Shandong Tiexiong Metallurgical Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Shandong Coking Group Co., Ltd.,was established in June 2003. The group boasts registered capital of 203 million yuan, current assets 6.88 billion yuan, and staff exceeding 2800. It is an energy processing and transformation enterprise based on coking production, integrating coal tar, coarse benzene, urban domestic gas, industrial gas supply and power generation.


The group now has a stove are 6, having achieved annual production capacity of 4 million tons, coal tar 200000 tons, coarse benzene 60000 tons, 60000 tons of ammonium sulphate fertilizer, gas 15-1.6 billion cubic meters, annual power generation 200 million Kwh. The group production has been supported by coal loading, coke pushing and dust extraction, gas recovery and purification, waste water circulation processing system, having realized zero waste water and gas emissions.

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