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The Group's third quarter business management analysis meeting was held

  On October 20th, the Group's third-quarter management analysis meeting was held in the conference room on the second floor of the headquarters. Six companies, ZHONG RONG INVESTMENT (QINGDAO) GROUP CO., LTD., Logistics Group, Tiexiong Xinsha, Tiexiong Metallurgy, Mineral Resources Company and Linyi Foundry Industry Co., Ltd., reported separately the operation situation  in the third quarter and the key work arrangements in the fourth quarter. The other units submitted written report materials; The company's leaders commented on the work in the third quarter and arranged for the deployment of the fourth quarter and future work priorities. The meeting was chaired by the co-president Li Jinghua.

Jiangxi Copper Industry cooperates with ZHONGRONG XINDA GROUP CO., LTD. to carry out exploration of copper resources in Banggou Mine, Peru

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