Cen Kefa Academician Workstation settled in Tiexiong Xinsha

  Recently, the Shandong Provincial Science and Technology department announced the Academician Workstation Directory of the second half of 2018, Tiexiong Xinsha successfully obtained the approval of setting up “Academician Workstation”.

  It is understood that the academician of Tiexiong Xinsha is Cen Kefa, professor of Zhejiang University, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, who is mainly focused on frontier scientific research on coal grading using multi-generation, clean coal combustion and vaporization, large-scale hydrogen production, and efficient and clean use of fossil fuels. Has proposed the power generation technology of Coal Washing Mud Fluidized bed combustion, technology of Preheating Combustion, and synergistic removal of varieties of contaminants in the process of energy use, has achieved international leading results, making outstanding contributions and pioneering achievement for the development of new energy industry of China. Tiexiong Xinsha combines coal chemical industry to extend strategic expansion, actively docking the research direction of Academician Cen Kefa and his team, to form a cooperation band with academician workstation, to solve the problem of new coal chemical industry chain better. Realize the win-win development in some directions such as innovation capacity building, cooperative project development, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, talent team training.

Hengwei Chemical was approved to build the first coking engineering technology research center in Shandong Province

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