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Payments fell by 62%! Tiexiong Xinsha: Environmental star becomes a winner of “tax-for-fees”

  On January 1 this year, China officially implemented the “tax-for-fees” policy for corporate environmental protection tax. As the first enterprise in Shandong Province which received environmental protection tax bills,Tiexiong Xinsha Company under ZHONGRONG XINDA GROUP CO.,LTD. has arranged its  environmental protection work at a very early stage,made large investment, and achieved remarkable results. It has now tasted the sweetness of “tax-for-fees”reform and began to harvest environmental dividends. The reporter checked Tiexiong Xinsha's environmental tax data for the first three quarters of this year and found that corporate contributions decreased by 62% compared with the same period of last year after the environmental protection “tax-for-fees”.

Wang Qingtao attended China Logistics Entrepreneur Annual Meeting and delivered a speech at the forum

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