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ZHONGRONG XINDA CROUP CO., LTD. was nominated for the 65th in the 2018 China National Top 500 list Stayed in the

  On Aug. 29, the 2018 China Private Enterprises Top 500 Summit, hosted by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, was held in Shenyang, where the list of 2018 Chinese private enterprises top 500 was released. ZHONGRONG XINDA CROUP CO., LTD.was shortlisted again, which ranked 65th on the list with a revenue of 75.33168 billion yuan.This is the second year that the group has entered the national top 100 list, and it has settled in the top 100

The Peruvian government promoted the cooperation between Zhongrong Xinda and Jiangxi Copper to develop the world-class iron ore mine in Banggou as a strategic resource cooperation project between the two countries.

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