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R&D base

Chinese Building Materials Research Institute and Research Base is a "production, learning and research” technology development platform which is jointly built and established with the strong cooperation between China Building Materials Science Research Institute (China Building Materials Academy) and Zhongrong Xinda (Group) Co., Ltd. In 2010, under “Long-term Cooperation Framework Agreement” and “Metallurgy Waste Residue and Stone Project Planning”, both the two parties worked closely and gave full play to their own advantages to make the science and technology convert to the productive forces as soon as possible, which gained multiple new technology and new engineering precedents and built the preferable economic benefits and social impact. At present, the theoretical research on the building materials directly manufactured by the blast furnace hot slag has been finished, which was verified by the laboratory. And a production demonstration line which converts metallurgical waste slag into slag stone with the daily capacity of 5 ton was built.

  In order to further deepen the cooperation and to make more extensive technical research and more systematical industrialized exploration on the resource utilization of metallurgy waste residue, under the friendly negotiation of both the two parties, a "production, learning and research” technological development platform is to be built. On June 6th, 2014, “research and development base of China Building Materials Academy” was founded, which mainly carries out the in-depth research on the resource utilization technology of waste residue and the new building materials with the aim of creating the new type building material research and development center and technology promotion center.